Lifestyle Asia Bangkok Hosts its First-ever Good Life Workshop with FWD Insurance

Lifestyle Asia Bangkok Hosts its First-ever Good Life Workshop with FWD Insurance

FWD insurance, unlike other insurance companies, is known for their innovative messaging about celebrating life. They wanted to promote the idea of celebrating life and cherishing micro-moments, the little things we do in everyday life that we sometimes overlook. They commissioned Lifestyle Asia Bangkok to create a campaign centered on the message of celebrating life, particularly in the midst of a pandemic.

With such a distinct message to convey, Lifestyle Asia Bangkok determined that simply writing or producing content about celebrating micro-moments was insufficient; they needed to bring those micro-moments to people. They ran a FWD-branded Good Life Box giveaway, sending readers a stay-at-home survival kit. Aside from the giveaway, Lifestyle Asia Bangkok and FWD insurance co-hosted the first virtual Good Life Workshop, which taught attendees how to make their own healthy mason jar salads at home. Lifestyle Asia Bangkok not only ran the giveaway and workshop but also produced content surrounding the campaign in the form of articles, bespoke videos, custom Instagram stories artworks, and ensuring coverage across all social media platforms, from conception to execution.

Digital Invitation

#LSAGoodLifeWorkshop across Social Media Handlings

Lifestyle Asia Bangkok provided creatives such as influencers, advertorial and post-event articles, and social media posts to increase engagement. The campaign received 100% participation in the Good Life Workshop and over 2,000 likes on the giveaway post.

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Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Regional Senior Executive - Communications & Corporate Development

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