Prestige Hong Kong Introduces ‘A Day in the Life’ series for BMW iX to Promote Sustainability 

Prestige Hong Kong Introduces ‘A Day in the Life’ series for BMW iX to Promote Sustainability 

BWM has introduced BMW iX after the luxury car brand has long explored ways to cut CO2 emissions to build a better future. To underline the sustainability concept for BMW iX, Prestige Hong Kong has lined up 3 personalities from Prestige Hong Kong's 40 Under 40 - Jacqueline Chak, Wil Fang and Charlz Ng - who led a sustainable lifestyle and aligned perfectly with BMW’s values.

Prestige Hong Kong team has done a video shoot, introducing the sustainability lifestyle of each Following 'A Day in the Life' of Prestige Hong Kong's 40 Under 40 personalities to see how sustainability drives their business and life choices. With an aim to drive engagement and deliver the message of sustainability while highlighting the key components — conservation of resources, energy efficiency in manufacture and suitability for recycling. 

Prestige Hong Kong team delivers data-driven video solutions to drive engagement and site traffic. The 'A Day in the Life' video series has been published on digital channels across brand including social media platforms.

A Day in the Life of Wil Fang

Wil Fang was knee deep in fashion when he started the DPT Group but the company today is best known Cookie DPT and its decadent sweet concoctions, as well as two new F&B ventures that Fang just brought to the city – Carbs, for scrummy New York-style pizzas and Rollie, for West Coast-style Japanese handrolls. Sustainability became a huge part of Fang’s business after a customer mentioned that the packaging he was using for Cookie DPT wasn’t environmentally friendly. Fang and his team vowed to make a change for the better, and this ethos has stuck with him for all his ventures to date.

A Day in the Life of Charlz Ng

Charlz Ng is an entrepreneur with a heart of gold. Having spent years cultivating a community within the fitness and wellness space with the launch of the IRIS Festival, he’s now made his mark in F&B with the opening of a new venture called CARBON. Ng is conscious about how his choices affect the planet – from choosing to drive BMW’s all-electric iX, purchasing clothes and brands that are sustainably manufactured, to implementing food waste initiatives at CARBON.

A Day in the Life of Jacqueline Chak

Jacqueline Chak’s passion for architecture and design led her to co-found EDIT, EDITECTURE, and EDIT Academy alongside business partner Genevieve Chew, where sustainable design is at the heart of their work, be it in fashion, architecture, interior design, or nurturing the young. Sustainability has always been important to Chak, who strives to give a second life to objects and materials in her work. Marrying fashion and architecture together to create something sustainable drives many of her projects – from an EDIT Mahjong set that celebrates traditional culture using modern sustainable materials; to HOMEDIT, which educates the younger generation to create a home using sustainable methods. Her determination and drive to do what’s right and good for the environment aligns perfectly with BMW’s values. The luxury car brand has long explored ways to cut CO2 emissions to build a better future.

With the video solutions featuring 3 personalities from Prestige's 40 Under 40, this initiative successfully grasps the audience in automotive segment while generating reach and page visits for the Prestige Hong Kong website as well as social media channels.

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Regional Senior Executive - Communications & Corporate Development