The Architecture+Design ICONS: The Design Community’s Inner Circle

The Architecture+Design ICONS: The Design Community’s Inner Circle

Architecture+Design comes with an unparalleled legacy of over three decades. Perceived as a design bible by its patrons, the magazine endeavours to launch a unique endeavour — The Architecture+Design Icons. An exclusive, one-of-its-kind, membership-only community for the custodians of design. The Architecture+Design Icons presents itself as a portal to the world beyond the fascinating where the exceptional mingles with the extraordinary. If you believe that design has the power to change, we believe that you’ve earned your membership to our elite club.

Exclusive Privileges. Greater Responsibilities.

The Think Tank

The league believes in the power of design and the impact it has on the world we live in. We identify the need to drive more conversations, engagements and more importantly, instigate more interventions that foster change in the way we perceive design and architecture, and the larger impact it has.

The Thought Pool

Access to the latest phenomenon in the world of luxury and design. The opportunity to interact and mingle with the names who matter and will matter. The responsibility to create a platform for global luxury brands in India, and project India on a global platform. And an opportunity to delve into the minds of the thought leaders and game changers in the industry

Architecture+Design Journeys

In collaboration with T+L, the league will be entitled to tailor-made experiences in some of the most exclusive destinations and properties that redefine luxury. From road trips powered by the finest auto brands, to glamping in the most sought-after retreats, to sampling the finest wines and indulging in a bespoke menu — Architecture+design Journeys will be all about elevating travel to a different level.

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