BurdaLuxury Celebrates #IWD2022 with Inspiring Women Across the Region

BurdaLuxury Celebrates #IWD2022 with Inspiring Women Across the Region

At BurdaLuxury, we’re proud to be an organisation where women make up 60% of our team. This International Women’s Day, we asked our colleagues about the importance of gender parity, the obstacles they’ve overcome over the course of their careers, and the advice they want to share with other women. Happy Women's Day!

This International Women’s Day, we’re continuing to shine a light on the achievements of women around the world. Whether it’s through Travel+Leisure India & South Asia’s #WomenontheMarch campaign or Lifestyle Asia Bangkok’s new digital cover celebrating Chayanit “Pat” Chansangavej’s acting journey, having women at the helm of our brands enables us to share more stories of inspiring women. In the second part of our #IWD2022 series, we hear from more of our colleagues on the importance of empowering women, gender equality and their words of advice for other women.

Stephanie Ip- Managing Editor, Prestige Hong Kong

Stephanie Ip

What is one thing that you wish would be different for women in society?

I'm about to become a mother for the first time, and the joys of having a child is mixed with the concerns I have about my career – how soon can I return to work, and in what capacity? And whether being a mother will mean that I would have to make sacrifices in my career aspirations. Society today still largely see males as the breadwinners and females as the caretakers when it comes to family. What I wish could be different for women in society today would be to acknowledge the needs for mothers who still want a career, for companies to offer the support for mothers who still want to work and to grow, and also to acknowledge the fathers too, who might want to be more involved in raising their child.

Meher Bajwa - Deputy Regional Director of Digital Operations, BurdaLuxury

Meher Bajwa

How important is gender parity in organisations?

It is key for any successful organisation that not only believes in, but also practices the principle of equal opportunity and representation. Speaking of BurdaLuxury, my career here over the past eight years is one of the many examples that demonstrate the company's commitment to this.

Shatricia Nair - Managing Editor, Lifestyle Asia Singapore

Shatricia Nair

What is the one thing you wish would be different for women in society?

That all women be given an equal say without having to apologise or feel bad for having strong opinions or emotions, whether at home or at work. (Oh, and pay parity.)

Aindrila Mitra - Editor-in-Chief, Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Aindrila Mitra

What would be your piece of advice that you would like to share with girls and women across the world?

Never say ‘never’, and always dare to dream. 

Venita (Netty) Prommaporn - Regional Head of Communications & Corporate Development

Netty Prommaporn

How important is gender parity in organisations?

Achieving gender balance is so important in organisations, especially at the leadership level. Not only does better representation promote more diverse opinions and perspectives, but it’s also linked to increased innovation and business growth. At BurdaLuxury in particular it’s really great to see lots of women in leadership – 3 out of 4 of our Managing Directors are women!

Naseem Randhawa - Managing Editor, Prestige Malaysia

Naseem Randhawa

What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome as a woman?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced throughout my working life is having to defend my ideas and decisions even more so than my seasoned or male peers. Maybe it’s due to my age or the fact that Editors are typically expected to be more domineering, but I don’t believe in that. Representing the next generation and the values we stand for, I believe our voice matters and seniority, being a male, or having the loudest voice in the room doesn’t necessarily mean one is right. Kindness and respect above all else matters. Treat others as you want to be treated. 

Watchareeporn (Nok) Sanpong - Financial Controller, BurdaLuxury Bangkok

Nok Sanpong

How important is gender parity in organisations?

Gender parity is very important, we should be putting an emphasis on creating and expanding equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Crystal Lee - Digital Editor, Prestige Singapore

Crystal Lee

What would be your piece of advice that you would like to share with girls and women across the world?

Be brave and confident – the I wish single mothers in Singapore are given the same entitlements, privileges, and benefits that a traditional heterosexual family receives. These women face many hurdles legally – on housing, paid leaves, grants, inheritance, child support – on top of having to raise a child on their own.

Valerie Leong - Head of Sales, BurdaLuxury Singapore

Valerie Leong

What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome as a woman?

The biggest obstacle as a woman is to always be able to manage the expectations from everyone - to be a good mother, a good wife, a good worker/boss, a good friend, a good daughter.

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Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Regional Assistant Manager - Communications & Corporate Development

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat
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