Life at BurdaLuxury – Nina Tanti-Aksornvaj

Life at BurdaLuxury – Nina Tanti-Aksornvaj

Nina is the Social Media Executive for Lifestyle Asia Thailand. Focused on growing the follower base for Lifestyle Asia Thailand, Nina is always scouting for fresh, engaging content that is set to deepen the audience’s connection with the brand.

Can you tell us about your career journey at BurdaLuxury?
BurdaLuxury is the first company I joined after graduation, and I’ve been here ever since, working as a Social Media Executive at Lifestyle Asia Thailand. This role marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter as a full-time employee. Everyday brings a new opportunity for learning and personal growth. I’m constantly acquiring new skills and gaining valuable experiences that enhance my professional development in the fast-paced world of social media.

Speaking of social media – what do you love most about working in social media?
The pace of social media is exhilarating – you need to be quick, observant, and proactive. I consider myself a bit of a social media addict; I’m always online, exploring new trends and technologies. This digital era means that everyone, myself included, looks up everything on their mobile phones. Being part of that movement is thrilling.

What’s a milestone that you’ve been proud of achieving?
A particular highlight for me was seeing a post on Lifestyle Asia Thailand hit nearly a million views (990k to be exact). Another recent post received over 10,000 shares. Witnessing such engagement and sharing our content widely is incredibly fulfilling, and yes, I admit, I do get a bit obsessed with those numbers!

What inspired you to work in publishing/media?
I’ve had a passion for media as far back as I can remember – I grew up watching movies, listening to music, immersing myself in all forms of media. The real turning point, however, was during my university days when I studied journalism and mass media. Additionally, being an influencer fuelled my passion further, providing a platform to share stories and connect with a broader audience. This blend of personal enthusiasm and academic pursuit made a career in media not only a natural choice but an exciting one as well.

Who were some of your biggest influences growing up?
My biggest influence was my mom, an actress in the 90s-00s. Watching her on set, the glamour and the craft, made me fall in love with the media and entertainment industry. Her passion and dedication have always inspired me to pursue a similar path.

What is a project that you’re currently working on (if you’re at liberty to say)?
Currently, I’m focused on growing our follower base for Lifestyle Asia. Although there are no specific projects at the moment, I’m always scouting for fresh, engaging content that can broaden our reach and deepen our audience’s connection with the brand.

Why BurdaLuxury?
What drew me to BurdaLuxury were its vibrant culture and the professional growth opportunities it presents. Working here has been incredibly fulfilling; the company’s international scope allows me to collaborate with colleagues from across Asia, including India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, which enriches my perspective and expands my horizons in the world of digital media.

Explore Career Opportunities at BurdaLuxury here.

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Piradej Monga

Regional Communications Manager

Piradej Monga
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