Life at BurdaLuxury – Rahul Gangwani

Life at BurdaLuxury – Rahul Gangwani

Rahul is the Editor-in-Chief at Lifestyle Asia India. On any given day you can find Rahul setting the editorial vision, collaborating with various stakeholders, and staying on top of industry trends to keep the magazine innovative and engaging, always bringing you the good life.

Can you tell us about your career journey at BurdaLuxury?
My journey at BurdaLuxury has been nothing short of exciting. There’s been an immense growth in my understanding of the media business. Successfully launching both online and offline IPs have been rewarding, a great source of joy and learning and it has also strengthened my existing skills in this area. Working with the most fabulous team has only made the journey better.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?
Seeing tiny ideas flourish into full-fledged and big scale properties has always been fascinating to me. At Lifestyle Asia, we always strive to giving access of the good life to our audience, whether it’s through exciting giveaways, dreamy celebrity photo shoots and content, in-depth articles, and keep them updated with all that’s trending. Working towards this has been gratifying.

What three words would you use to describe being a part of the Lifestyle Asia team?
Dynamic. Enriching. Familial.

What’s a milestone you’ve been proud of achieving?
When I was joining the Burda fam, I was given the task of making Lifestyle Asia one of the top leading publications of the country; and I’m proud to say we have achieved it. Our covers are being liked, our events are becoming the talk of the town and now we are all working towards taking the brand to the next level.

What inspired you to work in publishing/media?
I was always enticed by the media industry and really wanted a more dynamic life than a mundane 9 to 5 role. The possibility of your voice being heard and you making a difference was an added factor.

Who were some of your biggest influences growing up?
My mother. She’s the most hardworking person I have ever met in my life. Her determination, her grit, her warmth towards the people in her life, and the way she looks after everyone in many ways has made me the man I am now.

What is a project that you’re currently working on (if you’re at liberty to say)?
We are currently working on plans to making moment marketing days – Environment Day, Father’s Day, Yoga Day – more buzzing with exclusive content, giveaways, and on-ground activities. We are also simultaneously working on 3 events which will be taking place in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. Apart from this, we have plans to launch our Marquee event, an award show, in the later part of the year.

Why BurdaLuxury?
Because it’s one thing of the best working environments one can be in and it is always a thrilling feeling to be a part of a fast growing and forward-thinking company. BurdaLuxury also recognises all your hard work and gives you an opportunity to work in a fantastic multi-country set up.

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Piradej Monga

Regional Communications Manager

Piradej Monga
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