Meet Our MORE Management Trainee, Ben

Meet Our MORE Management Trainee, Ben

Earlier last year, we introduced Burda MORE International Trainee Programme, an 18-month trainee programme with three international rotations in 4 different countries. The trainees will partner with a mentor from senior management to promote their personal and professional development. We reached out to Ben, who kick-started his programme in Bangkok and recently traveled to Germany for his first rotation. Get to know Ben as he shares what's it like working abroad for the first time!

Can you tell us a bit about your role as MORE International Trainee?

As a MORE International Trainee, my role is to work with different teams and drive core strategic initiatives across 5 business functions including Publishing, Digital Transaction & Advertising, Technology, Finance & Accounting, and Business Management. In addition, I also take on challenging projects and participate in prestigious events to grow my network across the Burda group internationally.

What inspired you to join MORE International Trainee Programme and to work in publishing/media?

I see this program as an excellent opportunity to develop my career in a well-established company full of talented people. This program also offers one of the best learning opportunities that I have ever seen. Not only do I get to work in different business functions, but also rotate to multiple companies under the Burda group in different countries across the world.

Moreover, I'm particularly interested in the media and publishing industry because they play a major role in this world of constant communication while nurturing creative talents and innovation. I believe that we are currently living in the Economy of Attention where money always follows attention, and so learning how good media works has never been more important for any business than it is today.

What are some of the things you would like to achieve in this role?

Under this role, I’m looking forward to developing a different set of skills by contributing to exciting projects while bringing new business perspectives to the teams. I'm also very excited to learn how different roles in each business unit contribute to a successful media and publishing business.

What is it like working abroad for first time? Any special moments you would like to share?

My experience of working abroad for the first time has been incredible and eye-opening. There is always something new to learn every day and it is the perfect way to truly immerse myself in their culture with so much to explore. My trip to Offenburg which was arranged by Hubert Burda Media was remarkable. We were given a tour to visit different Burda offices and its printing factory which is one of Germany's largest printing and publishing houses. It was fascinating to learn the history of Burda and experience it in person. Lastly, I would like to give special thanks to Hubert Burda Media for being a great host to providing many learning opportunities such as trips and events as well as the accommodation during my stay in Germany.

Are there any exciting projects you’re currently working on?

Currently, I am working on a start-up project under BurdaForward to create a special news application that allows people to consume negative news without being affected by it. Other MORE trainees and I also take part in the Social Commerce project together to work on a business plan for a new product that brings new experiences and online engagement to the consumers.

Find out more about Burda MORE International Trainee Program.

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Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Regional Assistant Manager - Communications & Corporate Development

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat
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