A look back at #PINMyDate’s Secret Garden of Beautiful People and Things

A look back at #PINMyDate’s Secret Garden of Beautiful People and Things

The three-night #PINMyDate family dinner came to a successful conclusion. Thank you to the guests for their support and trust in PIN, making the #PINMyDate banquet run smoothly and successfully during this pandemic.

Due to the epidemic, how long has it been since you dressed up and attended a social dinner? 2021 is in its final quarter and #PINMyDate is honored to host a three-night banquet before 2021 ends. For three nights, more than 100 guests gathered together, and it was rare for everyone to gather together. It was not only a long-lost life before the epidemic, but also a kind of consolation for the long-term fight against the epidemic at home.

Let Pin will take you to review this three-night family dinner, 10 wonderful people, things and things. Perfect, good meaning!

PARTY━ party, long time no see!

Although everyone still remembers the fourth anniversary birthday banquet "Pin Paradise" two years ago, the editorial department of "Pin" decided to "split" the banquet. So, for three nights in a row, the #PINMyDate banquet was dubbed "Flowing Water Banquet" with a smile. About 35 guests attended the banquet each night.

These three "dates" are warm and cozy. They are not only a small dinner party, but also a party. They aim to get together and connect with each other. I believe that the guests present will feel more comfortable and at ease.

PARTNER━ goes with the car

Mercedes-Benz E 300 AMG Coupe and Mercedes-Benz S 560 e

Mercedes-Benz, the long-term partner of Pinnacle Malaysia since its inception, showcased the Mercedes-Benz E 300 AMG Coupe and Mercedes-Benz S 560 e at the entrance of the #PINMyDate dinner, a total of three models.

After arriving at the scene, the guests went to the screening area for screening, and then entered Mercedes-Benz to display the models and waited for the screening results. The wait was definitely not boring: there was a "Polaroid" film camera in each car, and every guest in full costume was able to take pictures in the car.

Once the guests get off the bus, the staff on standby will immediately step forward to disinfect. Equipped with the Cuckoo Air Q portable air purifier in every car, the plasma helps remove harmful airborne substances such as viruses and bacteria, while also deodorizing.

Interestingly, after the screening results are released, guests can leave a message and sign on the photos taken and hang them on the special photo wall area. Every night, two guests can get a Mercedes-Benz test drive with the photos taken. experience.

Crissty Chiang, Pauline Gan, Datin Tiffanee Ee, Gigi Leow , Datin Sri Joanne Yew , Lim Pei Lu ,

PLANT━ Secret Garden

For a long time at home to prevent epidemics, I must miss going out and feeling the breath of nature. Let me tell you secretly, the editorial department of "PIN" loves nature and flowers. After discussion, we decided to set the theme of the #PINMyDate dinner as "Secret Garden".

Not only a large number of flowers and green plants are used, but also wooden screens are installed; the dining area is decorated with different colors to create a "back garden" dining table with independent and integrated themes. The whole is like a secret garden belonging to "Pin".

PINMYDATE Secret Garden

We believe that green plants can help to adjust the mood and make the guests more relaxed. The road to fighting the epidemic is difficult, and we can only learn to self-regulate, release pressure, and ease the tense mood of epidemic prevention. That night, every corner of the venue was where the guests scrambled to take pictures.

Celebrities and Entrepreneurs in PEOPLE

Celebrities at PINMYDATE

There are flowers and trees in the secret garden, and naturally there are lovely people.

#PINMyDate can be said to be the first banquet after the domestic epidemic was suspended. About 35 guests gathered every night, 105 guests including local artist Tong Binyu , Datin Sri Joanne Yew You Fengyin, local fashion designer Khoon Hooi , Celest Thoi and Brian Khoo , of course, entrepreneurs and celebrities in the city. We, the beautifully dressed guests, really add a lot to the secret garden of #PINMyDate.


The three nights of #PINMyDate are all staggered, and the guests will wear evening clothes, jewelry and watches, and they will show the most perfect image. As one of the sponsors of the event, fine jewelry brand Chopard specially matched the jewelry for the three guests. The three guests were Munyi Zhang, Agyness Lee and Lim Pei Lu. (Extended reading: "Happy Ladies" at the #PINMyDate Banquet )

张敏 仪 Munyi
张敏 仪 Munyi

PREEN is radiant


After staying home for a long time to prevent the epidemic, the guests went to #PINMyDate this time in full costumes, well-dressed and radiant.

Every guest at the dinner will receive a special gift box prepared by Cle de Peau Beaute. Intimately, the gift boxes are available in men's and women's models.

The men's box contains Clé de Peau Beauté Softening Toner Cleaner Face Wash, while the women's box includes Clé de Peau Beauté La Creme Face Cream and Correcting Cream Veil Primer. No matter the occasion, the skin will continue to radiate radiance, set off a bright and moving temperament.

PALATE Food and Wine

French imported champagne GH Mumm and whisky Chivas Regal

A gathering under a beautiful view is naturally accompanied by fine wine: thanks to the French imported champagne GH Mumm and whisky Chivas Regal for having a bar area and sponsoring the supply of alcoholic beverages.

The gourmet menu was designed by Nathalie Gourmet, with a five-course menu paired with Jacobs Creek wines.

One of the highlights of the banquet was the dessert in the five-course set menu - PIN My Deer in Chocolate Stone Garden. From five parties: Presented by Nathalie Gourmet, the elk-shaped ice cream is from ice cream brand Crème De La Crème, chocolate infused with Chivas Regal whiskey, and the bottom layer is covered with Chopard gold leaf, only for the three-night #PINMyDate dinner.

PERFORMANCE━ warm performance

Band performance

The #PINMyDate banquet was hosted by Hau Min. The warm and intimate gathering is even more divided with the unplugged band performance. The band specially created for the #PINMyDate banquet, the trio of saxophone, viola and guitar, not only created a relaxed atmosphere, but also brought the atmosphere of the scene.

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Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

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Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat
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