In The Spirit Of Diversity, AugustMan Malaysia Presents #iAMuniq

In The Spirit Of Diversity, AugustMan Malaysia Presents #iAMuniq

In collaboration with Uniqlo, AugustMan Malaysia has launched a campaign #IAMUNIQ to promote inclusivity and diversity​.

The campaign was in line with current narratives pushing for a more diverse and inclusive environment while featuring individuals who do not conform to societal expectations.

Throughout the years, many mainstream media outlets have played a direct role in shaping and perpetuating the ideal image of beauty, success and a multicultural community. Today, as we continue to navigate the New Normal, with a whole new perspective on life and deeper appreciation of individual talent, AugustMan Malaysia has taken the opportunity to seek the collaboration of like-minded individuals on a fresh and evocative portrayal of Malaysia’s diverse society through our #iAMuniq campaign.


Thanks to the collaboration of conceptual photographer Daniel Adams, fashion revolutionary Azreezal Hafidz and LifeWear brand UNIQLOAugust Man now proudly presents #iAMuniq, featuring a new generation of Malaysians who are embracing their uniqueness with a strong sense of self and, at the same time, redefining our national identity and the standards of beauty.

Sonya Danita Charles

Azfar Firdaus

Nalisa Alia Amin


Jacky Hussein

Adrien Kent

Kavin Jay

Russel & John Lloyd

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Regional Senior Executive - Communications & Corporate Development