Life at BurdaLuxury – Ambrose Leung

Life at BurdaLuxury – Ambrose Leung

Ambrose is the Editor-in-Chief for Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong, he is responsible for overseeing the publication's editorial direction and ensuring the production of high-quality content; on any given day you can find Ambrose coordinating with writers, attending industry events, and reviewing the latest luxury lifestyle trends.

What's the most exciting part about working at BurdaLuxury?
I say this every day, I will never take for granted the opportunities we are given by the people we meet daily.

What's a milestone that you've been proud of achieving?
I love hearing from other peers and agencies that they enjoy reading and watching our content.

What inspired you to work in publishing/media?
I come from a marketing background, but what interested me the most, and had the greatest impact on my career development, were the personal stories and aspects of cultures learned from the various projects I've worked on. This steered me into media and the ability to tell an exciting story.

Who were some of your biggest influences growing up?
My parents. My parents immigrated to Canada and opened a restaurant in a small town, they worked very hard and it was humbling for me to be a part of that.

What is a project that you're currently working on? If you're at liberty to say...
My team and I are trying to throw a music award show or a mini-concert of sorts.. It's still pretty early, but we want to bring a heightened energy to the city.

Why BurdaLuxury?
The people.

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Piradej Monga

Regional Communications Manager

Piradej Monga
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