Architecture+Design India In Partnership with Crabtree Presents #FuturisticHomes, a Home Automation Series.

Architecture+Design India In Partnership with Crabtree Presents #FuturisticHomes, a Home Automation Series.

To communicate a futuristic approach to their design, Architecture+Design India partnered with Crabtree from Havells to engage the architecture community with expertise and progressive dialogue as the underlying principles.

Through a documentary-style audio-visual series, the campaign engaged leading Indian architects and discussed the idea of futuristic homes and the evolutionary curve of design and architecture. Each video touched upon a different aspect of architecture and relied on realism and an expert interaction with the personality.

AUGMENT joined hands with Architecture+Design India to create 'A Home Automation Series' consisting of 4 videos. Each video highlights the concept of #FuturisticHomes - a safe, convenient, comfortable and energy-efficient living space.

#FuturisticHomes – A Home Automation Series

Episode 1: Prof. Charanjit S. Shah

Prof. Charanjit S. Shah, Founder of Creative Group, understands these needs and counts on automated #FuturisticHomes that help in sustainable living.

#FuturisticHomes – A Home Automation Series

Episode 2: Amit Aurora

A renowned architect and partner at group DCA, Amit Aurora shares important insights into the world of home automation systems, keeping in view the different lifestyles. He speaks about how wireless automation is easy to install and can be used to transform your homes into #FuturisticHomes.

#FuturisticHomes – A Home Automation Series

Episode 3: Prashaant and Natasha Kochhar

Prashaant and Natasha Kochhar, Founders of the architecture and interior design firm LTDF, talk about the innovative journey of home automation systems in India so far. They throw light on how it has become much more diverse and is a great tool for energy conservation. “I can’t do without it” sums up the way the architect duo sees the future of automated #FuturisticHomes.

#FuturisticHomes – A Home Automation Series

Episode 4: Ar. Vaibhav Dimri

Homes which communicate with you, understand your needs and adapt to them automatically are #FuturisticHomes. Ar. Vaibhav Dimri, Co-founder of Anagram Architects, believes that home automation systems add to such smart homes.

The video solutions successfully gained 40,000 views and 18,000 engagement.

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Regional Senior Executive - Communications & Corporate Development