HELLO! Thailand Releases First-ever Digital Cover Targeting Online Audience

As the number of online audiences and readers continues to grow, brands cannot rely solely on traditional ad campaigns. Brands can no longer rely solely on traditional advertising techniques as the number of online audiences and readers grows. HELLO! Thailand went above and beyond each month by releasing multiple print covers.

Elegance is an Attitude

With the rise of the digital space, clients are looking for a new option, such as HELLO! online IP, to help them increase their online presence, reach more online target readers, and increase sales prospects through product tie-ins.

Launching digital covers gives clients a new way to engage with their target audience via online platforms, allowing them to broaden their digital reach. In addition to the more current and entertaining digital cover, advertisers will be able to display their services and products through content sharing on HELLO! platforms and networks. Furthermore, they may connect with the appropriate individuals by utilizing HELLO! Thailand's existing networks and audience. This would allow brands to not only build long-term relationships with potential clients, but also engage with the general public.

HELLO! Thailand Digital Cover Issue No.001

HELLO! Thailand curated creatives for the clients including three online articles, videos and social media coverage. The cover stories explored self care, fashion and lifestyle of the cover personality, Parama "Nam" Raiva.

With the creatives delivered, HELLO! Thailand was able to secure 1,000 page views, 146,000 reach, 14,000 engagement and 46,000 video views.

Find out more at HELLO! Magazine Thailand.

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Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Maneekan Viratham Poonsawat

Regional Senior Executive - Communications & Corporate Development

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